Thursday, 19 April 2007

ASICS v Adidas

Another great shot from I'm always drawn to wrestling photos that show the wrestling shoes in action, like this one. This could be a kind of battle between ASICS and Adidas, the two leading wrestling shoe makers, for supremacy.

When watching wrestling as a neutral I often root for the wrestler in the best shoes, but it's hard to say who that is in this shot. Traditionally, I'm an adidas guy, but those ASICS Split Second V's really work for me. So, on this occasion, it's "Go ASICS!" (On the whole, I think ASICS are making better shoes than Adidas right now.)

Mystery wrestling shoes

As spotted on the excellent Amateur Wrestling Photo's website, these fascinating ASICS wrestlings shoes. They are clearly part of the "Wrestling '81" series of models but in colours I've never seen anywhere else other than this photo. I want!

Can anyone tell me where you can get these bad boys?

Tuesday, 10 April 2007

Adidas Box Champ Speed - white

Originally uploaded by 69shoes.
Fellow boot collector 69shoes is showing off his amazing new Adidas Box Champ Speeds with an excellent series of photos over at Flickr. Makes we want to get my own pair of whites out and lace up!