Monday, 8 December 2008

Tyguns v Tyguns

Black versus the rather rare red version.

I have both in my collection, of course ;-)

Monday, 1 December 2008

Retro Toecaps

New Greens
Originally uploaded by jimshooz7
A Chuck Taylor toecap just the way it ought to be, as shown on a vintage USA-made Chuck in the collection of my good Chucker buddy Jimshooz. Good work Jim!

Shoe Review - White Feiyue

Well at last I am now the proud owner - and wearer - of these awesome martial arts shoes and I am now an official Feiyues nut! I think they could one day be as big as Chuck Taylors. They're that good. Have a closer look, guys:

There are several remarkable things to note about these great sneakers.

1. The squared toecaps, extending along way down each side of the shoe, very much encasing the lacing. Highly distinctive and original, in my opinion:

2. The very rounded sole unit. Designed to give maximum grip and traction even when the ankle is flexed to extreme angles during combat. This makes the shoes feel as though they rock a little from side to side during wear, but the feeling of grip is also very strong:

3. The very sticky rubber sole unit, again for maximum grip and traction:

STOP PRESS: Black Feiyue shoes now on order. Photos and review soon!